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We talk to familes who use Neocate all the time, usually when they call us with questions. The most common questions we get come from families who are new to Neocate and starting to use Neocate Syneo Infant or Neocate Infant , the infant formulas of the Neocate family. We want to make sure you know what to expect when starting Neocate. That is one tough question to answer! The best we can tell you is that, generally, consensus guidelines and healthcare teams who work with infants suspected to have food allergies suggest staying on a new hypoallergenic formula for about 2 weeks. This allows time for your little one to adjust to the new formula. As you probably know by now, starting any new formula comes with a bit of a transition period.

3 Reasons You Have Bloating and Gas After Eating Chocolate

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Everybody loves chocolate — well, almost everybody. For most people, chocolate is a delight to the senses, and some people actually crave it. But for another slice of the population, chocolate isn’t so appealing; the sweet stuff can trigger heartburn and cause digestive upset, which can lead to bloating and gas. Lactose intolerance, acid reflux or a food allergy could cause you to experience bloating and gas after eating chocolate.

Manhattan Gastroenterology includes chocolate on its list of worst foods for indigestion. Especially if you have a digestive disorder, such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease or diverticulitis, chocolate can cause the digestive system to produce excess gas. The main symptom of indigestion is bloating and feeling uncomfortably full during and after eating, according to Mayo Clinic.

You may also feel abdominal pain, a burning sensation in the upper abdomen and nausea. Cocoa itself is acidic, which can increase the risk of acid reflux — a condition in which stomach acid backs up into the esophagus. This can cause upset stomach, a feeling of being full and abdominal bloating, according to MedicineNet. Other symptoms of acid reflux include an acidic taste in the back of the throat, sore throat, upset stomach, abdominal pain, nausea and heartburn, which is a sensation of burning in the chest.

It can also feel like the throat is very tight, and you may feel as if it’s difficult to swallow, or that you have food stuck in your throat.


All Rights Reserved. Step aside, kale. In fact, Instacart saw a percent increase in cauliflower products sold from to , and Uber Eats has seen more than 39 percent growth in orders containing cauliflower in just the past six months, according to representatives for the brands. To find out, I did what anyone would do — I ate cauliflower everyday for a week.

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Each day millions of Americans take fish oil for heart health benefits. The omega-3 fats in fish oil are known for lowering levels of unhealthy blood fats and promoting healthy blood pressure. However, if you’re new to fish oil, you may have noticed some digestive discomfort in the form of gas and bloating. While this side effect is harmless and usually goes away as your body adjusts, you can take steps to reduce digestive problems when taking fish oil.

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An electrocardiogram also called EKG or ECG is a test that records the electrical activity of your heart through small electrode patches attached to the skin of your chest, arms, and legs. An EKG may be part of a routine physical exam or it may be used as a test for heart disease. EKGs are quick, safe and painless and are routinely performed if a heart condition is suspected. An EKG can be used to further investigate symptoms related to heart problems.

A stress echo test is a sophisticated test that will allow us to better understand your heart. Initially, you will be asked to lie on your left side, and ultrasound images of your heart will be obtained by applying a probe to your chest.

What to expect when starting Neocate

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By Janet Renee Updated December 06, the likelihood of suffering digestive side effects, such as belching, gas and bloating. If you’ve tried everything and your stomach still protests fish oil supplements, try eating fish instead.

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