Meet 8 hard-hitting investors at TIA Singapore 2018’s Speed Dating

If you’re seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. Setting your first meeting with potential investors could be a nerve-wrecking affair — sometimes it boils down to luck. Attending events or reaching out via LinkedIn and cold emails are rarely met with success. We will be bringing over 50 local and international investors who are looking for investment opportunities and your startup might just be what they are looking out for! Here are 5 of them click here for the full list :. While they have a track record of investing in consumer internet companies in Europe, U. S, and Asia, they also have a media division that focuses on long-term growth equity for fast-growing digital technology and media companies. Credit: Golden Gate Ventures. If you are an aspiring startup looking for mentorship, Golden Gate Ventures is one investor you should not miss out on.

Speed-dating in Tech in Asia Tokyo 2015: The courtship for investors begins

At least 5, visitors, many of them young people exploring prospects in the digital economy, flocked to a conference and exhibition held by Singapore-based online technology media company Tech in Asia in Jakarta on Tuesday and Wednesday. I think Indonesia has changed from the conventional era to the next one, which is digital. I am interested to join the wave,” he told the Jakarta Globe. Visitors were not only able to attend seminars of keynote speakers, but also network in the Startup Factory with startups, and participate in roundtables and “speed dating,” where hundreds of startup owners met with 65 venture capital firms.

Millati, 24, who is involved ion OKHome Indonesia, a digital cleaning service startup, said her company is subscribed to Tech in Asia’s website and attends the event every year. Professionals shared tips and tricks during talks and discussions on four stages during the event, which took place at the Jakarta Convention Center.

Tahun ini Tech In Asia Jakarta diselenggarakan di Balai Kartini Saya perhatikan selama 2 hari berturut-turut lokasi speed dating ini.

If you’re seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. As with all forms of networking, investor deals benefit from appropriate circumstances. Thankfully, Tech in Asia Singapore has the perfect opportunity for startups to network with investors. The firm stretches across the globe with offices in California and Singapore. Among others, their portfolio include Bright. The investor firm pinpoints driven partners as worthy investment opportunities.

Besides funding, they recognize that startups also need resources and keen experience along their journey. The firm has already guided The early-stage investment firm focuses on mentorship and support for the startups in their portfolio.

Jakarta Event Organizer Presents Tech in Asia

If you’re seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. To date, we have 46 confirmed investors and 11 corporations joining us for Speed Dating and Office Hours respectively. For Speed Dating, startups can book five minutes with each investor — just enough time to introduce yourselves and briefly pitch your idea. Similarly, Office Hours follows the same set up. Startups will too, get five-minutes with corporations like Sony, Kao and ICMG for a quick chat to get some thoughts on your business ideas and explore future partnerships.

Speed Dating and Office Hours will take place on both days of the conference, September 8 and 9.

Tech in Asia Jakarta thus provides a platform that connects both To participate in Speed Dating, all you’ll need is a conference pass.

If you’re seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. In less than three months, Japan will play host to Tech in Asia Tokyo , happening on September 20 and With the abundance of interesting startups to meet and insightful sessions by industry experts to catch, squeezing in meetings with a potential investor can be difficult. Takeshi Ebihara of Rebright Partners. Photo credit: SunBridge Global Ventures. Headed by year venture capitalist veteran Takeshi Ebihara, Rebright Partners hunts for the best early-stage startups operating in Asia.

Their wide-reaching portfolio includes Flixy Games, Inshorts, and Coins. Their portfolio includes firms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Photo credit: Tech in Asia.

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If you’re seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. The investment scene in Southeast Asia has been bustling with activity. Here are eight of them who will be present. The firm focuses on early-stage ventures in Southeast Asia and Japan. They have invested in more than companies, including early bets on ecommerce giant Tokopedia, flight search engine Traveloka and cashback company Shopback.

As the biggest platform for Asia’s tech community, Tech in Asia has been Startup-Investor Speed Dating: where the selected startups has the.

Image: Tech In Asia. Hello WU Friends! With every business idea comes the pragmatic need for funding, and that is no easy feat for companies that are only starting out. Tech in Asia Jakarta thus provides a platform that connects both startups and investors to find their perfect match. Over 50 willing VCs will be gathered under one roof this October 23 and 24 at the Startup Investor Speed Dating segment in search of startups to invest in, making it the golden opportunity for startups to pitch to and receive potential funding or mentorship.

The conference is not to be missed for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially when these five investors are ready for innovative ideas. Many brilliant startups and ideas originate from Silicon Valley, so it is no surprise that Fenox Venture Capital has the technological haven as its roots. With a team of international and seasoned experts, the firm has an impressive portfolio of companies under its belt. Their great foresight and capability has secured them multi-million dollar funds under their management, and they have a transparent and collaborative take on building ideas that propel companies they work with.

SMDV has six different business pillars, ranging from agri-business and food, financial services, to energy and infrastructure.

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This two-day conference offers 4 stages with hundreds of powerful contents from speakers, investors, and 3, decision makers. Effective this year, Tech in Asia will consolidate its annual conference series into a single blockbuster: Tech in Asia Conference. Taking place at Jakarta Convention Center this October 8 and 9, the conference will attract more than 6, attendees from a wide range of backgrounds, such as investors, senior decision-makers, media, and tech community.

At this two-day conference, dozens of speakers ranging from big-name companies to promising startups will deliver valuable insights on how to bring your companies to the next level. Some of the keynote speakers to be announced are as follows:. With more than 50 sessions, the event will provide four signature content stages, namely Main Stage and three Expert Stage: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Stage.

With around a month to go to Tech in Asia Conference, here’s a look at some hard-hitting investors that’ll be coming to Speed Dating segment.

Indonesia is our chosen destination due to its immense potential and is highly regarded as a key market to win for companies with regional ambition. Any business with regional ambition would know that winning the Indonesian market is crucial. Despite the abundance of opportunities, foreign and local companies alike struggle to make their mark due to regulatory, infrastructure, and cultural challenges. Tech in Asia Conference aims to bridge the knowledge and connection gap to help businesses succeed in this high-growth market.

Indonesian attendees will also benefit from the international crowd and content sessions, with opportunities to network and foster valuable connections. How do you stand out from the crowd? One surefire way is to pitch your startup in front of thousands of attendees, investors, and stakeholders, with all eyes on you. The winner will walk away with a grand prize as a bonus! Exhibiting could be costly for an early-stage startup.

With Startup Factory, your investment is worth more than it costs — the potential leads and business prospects you get from exhibiting at Tech in Asia Conference will pay itself out in the long-term. Your time is precious — so connect with those who matter.

Pitch your ideas to these 8 investors at TIA Jakarta 2018’s Speed Dating

Last week, Dewina attended 2 days of Techinasia Conference Dewina mentioned this event as the biggest technology conference which support startup environment in Indonesia. It took place in Balai Kartini, there were some categories for the visitors. Imagine that all of the categories stay in one place for two days. There were few things that made Dewina amaze with TIAJKT , the event was going so well-prepared, seeing from some stage performers sticked to the schedule. Each of stage had its expert.

Pitch Deck @ speed Dating Techinasia day 1 #jccsenayan #startupindonesia #​angelinvestorindonesia #berjuangterus #pastiadajalan #yakinmenang.

If you’re seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. Refer here for the full guidelines. At Tech in Asia , we aim to maximize the value of all conference attendees by creating spaces and opportunities for you to meet with the ever-elusive investors and corporations. Get your passes before October 25 code: tiajkt15 and enjoy a 15 percent discount!

More information here. Louisa Chiew. Louisa is a product manager at Tech in Asia. She like the outdoors, productivity apps, and random pieces of trivia. Not so much describing herself in third person. Remove this ad space by subscribing. Support independent journalism. Angel network She1K invests in 3 startups from first pitching event.

Our most anticipated events at Tech in Asia Tokyo

If you’re seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. In , we introduced the Startup-Investor Speed Dating segment, and it fast became one of our conference staples. The idea was conceived to meet the needs and demands of startups to connect with established VCs for funding. Up till then, there was no structured way of doing so — startups were largely relying on cold emails or serendipity to reach out to their investors.

The first version of Speed Dating was based on a first-come, first-served queueing system. Whoever got in line first during the stipulated pitching time slot stood a higher chance of meeting their preferred investors.

Tech in Asia Singapore ‘s Speed Dating segment allows you to pitch to over 50 investors. Here are eight to pique your interest.

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